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Professional Offices

  • 10 individual suites with sizes ranging from 130-310 sq. ft.
  • 3, 6, and 12+ month leases available (starting at $650/month)
  • Fully furnished with brand new L-shaped desks, locked filing cabinets, ergonomic executive chairs, and 36” round table with four guest chairs
  • Window views and natural light
  • Professional cleaning twice a week (option to opt-out is available)


  • Professional cleaning services with medical grade disinfectants used
  • Community kitchen with COVID-19 guidelines in place
  • High-speed internet with firewalls to secure your company’s information
  • Read: How well are you protected from cyber threats at The Offices at One Foxhill?
  • Redundant Internet services in case of outages
  • Purified water filter system
  • On-site building manager
  • Two hours of complimentary rental of conference room every month
  • Printer/copier station, with up to 50 copies per day


  • 24-hour access to building
  • All professionals and guests pass through COVID-19 screening kiosk before entry
  • Lock and key provided for individual offices.
  • Keycode entry and intercom system to building
  • Onsite parking lot

We all need work space that we can rely on.

At One Foxhill, you can expect a quiet, comfortable environment that’s optimized for productivity, with COVID-19 guidelines in place to keep you and/or your team safe. You’ll enjoy minimal contact with commuters and avoid the daily grind of Boston/Providence traffic, while still having easy access to Routes 1, 95, and 128. Plus, an outdoor setting to explore on your lunch break!
We take all necessary precautions to keep our spaces safe.

The Offices at One Foxhill

1 Foxhill Drive
Walpole, MA 02081

Located one mile from Patriots Place.
Easy access to Routes 1, 95, and 128.

Contact Brian Connor at bconnor@onefoxhill.com

Michelle Keating

Brian Connor
Property Manager

Mask required in all community areas.

Facial scan temperature reading with Artemis Thermal Scanner Kiosk before entry of The Offices. REQUIRED OF ALL VISITORS AND TENANTS. Learn more about the kiosk at https://cssinco.com/jxg-213-f-detail.

All communal spaces will be cleaned regularly with medical grade disinfectants. Professionals can opt for twice-weekly professional cleaning of their personal office.

Medical grade disinfectant wipes offered within communal spaces and private suites.

Hand sanitation provided in every office.

Fully updated ventilation system.

How well are you protected from cyber threats at The Offices at One Foxhill?


The last thing you need is to experience a cyber breach that affects your productivity and privacy. Imagine downloading malware which infects your computer with ransomware. Your data is held hostage for ransom and your business is instantly crippled.

We want you to be confident that you're working in a secure office space. We care about each of our clients and have taken steps to reduce common threats that we all face on the Internet. You can be confident that your private Office Space is far more secure than public WIFI, most home networks, and many shared common spaces.

Here's what we put in place to protect you from Cyber threats:

  1. Each office space is a separate, private network with your own private WIFI. You can’t see other guests, and they can’t see you.
  2. An advanced firewall actively protects your private network from Internet threats such as viruses and malware.
  3. Known harmful websites are filtered and blocked to further reduce the chance that ransomware, malware, and viruses are downloaded.

While no one can guarantee complete security, we strive to ensure you have a safe experience. We ask each of our guests to take two important steps on your computers:

  1. Download and install updates for your computer and software every week.
  2. Download and install malware software and be sure to keep the software up to date.

When you start your day at One Foxhill, you can be confident knowing you're working with a secured Internet connection.